Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

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This message is for you:

I know you’re hurting. I know you’re struggling with something, some sort of problem, something that doesn’t look like it’s going to ever work out. You keep wondering when it’s going to end, and if it’s going to take you down once and for all. Well, I have good news.

Everything’s gonna be alright.

How can I say that? Well, for one thing, I know that God’s behind it all. There isn’t a place in the universe where we can go where God isn’t. Even in the midst of a bad situation, God is there. The question is never whether God is there; it’s whether we’re looking for him, and if we are, whether we’re humble enough to hear what he’s saying.

Now, in this situation you’re in, you have control over exactly one thing. Fortunately, it’s the only thing you need to control: Your own thoughts. YOU control how you see this situation. Since actions are the fruits of your thoughts, your actions will flow naturally out of what you choose to think about your situation. YOU will be the one who decides how you meet this situation. And if you can apply the principles of love, kindness and forgiveness that Jesus taught, you will find a strength that you didn’t even know was there.

So here’s an idea: Choose to look your situation dead in the eye and say this: EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT. After all, you know what’s really at work here. Things are very seldom what they seem. I’m asking you to look this situation dead in the eye (and yourself, if you have to) and say, “I know what it looks like. But God has something else going on here!” I want you speak to your situation with conviction and the power vested in you when God created you as the holy, divine and powerful image of Himself that you are.

Here’s what’s going to happen: Right now, you think your problems are bigger than you are. And, as long as you believe that, you’re right. But remember, as it says in “A Message From God,” you belong to something much bigger than yourself. By connecting with the infinite power that IS God, you will begin realize that in Christ, you are bigger than your problems. Or, as Jesus so profoundly said, “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.”

As you embrace this, you will become a vessel of healing and inspiration for those around you. This is nothing short of the work of God through you. YOU will be the one telling people that everything’s going to be alright — and what’s more, you won’t just be saying it, you’ll be living it!

Remember this: one way to reinforce your own belief that everything will be alright is to show someone else the same. If you can provide an encouraging word; if you can help someone in need on the side of a road, or cook a meal for a friend who’s down on his luck . . . if you can do all of these things with a spirit of LOVE and KNOWING that no matter what it looks like, God is in the midst of the situation. . . . well, it’s the work of God, my friend.

Something came over me this morning to pound this keyboard and send this message. I know it’s going to reach someone where they are, at the right time with the right thoughts. I pray it’s done that for you. My only request is to add to the ripple. If this touches your heart, and you know someone else who needs to know EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT — please send them this link, post it to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also, send a prayer request to prayers@amessagefromgod.org and we’ll post it on the PrayerLine at www.amessagefromgod.org.

People are hurting and it’s time we add to the healing.

With love, peace and hope . . .


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I write things! I'm grateful that God allowed "A Message From God" to come through my fingers, and more books and stuff are on the way!

59 thoughts on “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

    1. I really needed this god is
      My saviour and i will honour him thank you god for all the strength you are giving me thank you i will and have renewed faith in gods name

  1. Thank you… needed this… and out of the blue here it was… Thank you God, for this person who somehow knew I needed to hear this…Amen

  2. Yes I believe an I know that my god is going to work it out for me, yes am in a misted that I thought that it would take a lot out if me BUT I PRAYE AN PUT IT IN GOD HANDS, YES I NEED REINFORESTMEN BUT I NEED GOD GOT ME.HE NEVER FOR SAKE ME, IN MY FATHER NAME AMEN, AN THANK YOU FOR THIS MESSAGE CAUSE I KNOW EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRUGHT.

  3. My name is Marsha, and you have been a vessel used by our Great and WONDERFUL God Jehovah to bring comfort to me this day. It would of course behoove me to say that this is my situation and exactly what I need, but of course you already knew that. A thousand times thanks..

  4. Thank you for this message i really needed this. I’ve been out of work for a few months now and looking for work also studying for my Insurance license and there is day were i just break down and feel like nothing working out and that i cant provide for my family but there is one thing i do is Pray.

    1. Christopher, the thing to remember is this: All you can do is all you can do. Just give the day your best. Some days, your best will be just getting out of bed. But if you can get to the end of the day knowing that you gave your best, you should sleep well that night. Don’t give up! The miracle is on the way! You are in my prayers!

  5. I awake every morning thanking God for all the blessing he has bestowed upon my family and I, for my coworkers and their families, the patients we transport throughout the day and their family as well. I Pray that the Lord continues to bless us with life, hold us, mold us and guide us, keep us in good faith, health and strength, to keep us positive and not allow us to go astray, I pray that the devil does not invade space in our minds, bodies hearts and souls. For those of us who don’t have together, I pray he helps us get it together and keep it together. A roof over our heads, food on our tables, clothes on our backs, our jobs and careers, I pray for positivity for God to keep us on the right path
    I pray that Jesus continues to wrap his arms around us and cover us in his blood, see no harm come our way in any form shape or fashion, for a safe and prosperous day. I pray the Lord ends all sickness, ailments, pain, hunger, homelessness and pray for world peace. I ask not for the Lord to make it easier for us, I ask that he continue to hold our and hands walk with us on this lifes journey. In JESUS NAME, AMEN!!!!! I feel so blessed to have come across this post, I know this message is for everyone but, I really needed this. Thankyou!!!

  6. Thank you for your message. I have learned to listen and have faith. This was my next step in growing with the Lord and Im not giving up. God is my best friend and He wants me to be obedient. Im giving my relationship with God everything he needs to feel the same.

  7. Thank you for your obedience in giving this message. It was so very much needed that it brought tears to my eyes. I had to read in between tear drops, but it spoke to my heart. I have been having stomach issues and noticed some blood this morning …. I have an appt tomorrow morning. I started to worry since I am a 4 time cancer survivor. The enemy was speaking to my mind. God Bless You Greatly for this message, because I can regroup and focus.

  8. Thank you..ur messages enlightened me,but the pain is still here i know it will vanish someday..ive been so stressed and upset for a month and i dont know if how long will it last,i feel alone and betrayed by someone i truly love with all my heart and soul,i seek God i found Him in my dreams but sometimes the pain goes back and ill keep on crying,i have so many questions in mind that until now im still waiting for answers,why God allowed these to happen,what is my purpose? You know i love my family so much,and they’re my only strength and i also love God so much..how can i forgive if the pain is still here..how can i start a change if my husband doesnt want me to,because i felt that he no longer loves me he already replaced me with another woman,i dont want my family to be broken what should i do..

    1. That’s a lot you’re dealing with . . . I will keep you in my prayers. I do recommend reading the full text of “A Message From God.” It’s on this site, just click “Read it Now!” I think it will offer some clarity, help you connect with God Within YOU!

  9. I was not focused on what I needed to be. Thank you for reminding me who I should be focusing on. This made my day.

  10. thank you. I needed this right now. I needed a sign after my prayer and I believe reading this was a sign. God bless

      1. Thank you. I’m here and sticking around. I thank God for all the blessings and his guidance he gives. I thank him for my purpose and allowing me to figure my purpose. I continue to pray for better health and healing so I can fulfil my purpose for God. Amen. Kay

  11. Earlier through out yesterday I came across this post and was not able to fully read the message, that was meant for me to see at the time due to work related issues. I wish, I could have read the post right then and there, cause I sure did need it. The post came back to me later on that night after shift and I chose to share my daily prayer through complement, but didn’t share what was actually bothering me. I ask? What is my purpose? Am I doing what God intended? Do I already know the answers to the questions I ask myself ? Probably….so what is it going to take for me to change for better results. To make a long story short, the struggle is real whether it’s mentally, physically or psychologically, sometimes I feel it’s a no win situation, but still manage to see it through with God on my side all things are possible, but even the strongest has a breaking point.

    1. Shekiya . . . just do you best. Sometimes your best will be better than other times, but if you know you’ve given your best, I believe that’s all we can do. God doesn’t request perfection, just our best effort! God bless you!

  12. Thank you for this message I was lead to read through clicking on various links this morning!!! I am in a situation where it seems impossible and I have whittled with sicknesses with just being here… Because if I moved away someone else would suffer more… Been praying for God to intervene, for the Holy Spirit to pour out deep conviction and conversion… I do thank God for the many blessings still. A major decision will be made soon that I know God is still in control over, just please stand in the gap for me as I do for other others too… God bless you as you reach out to us this way, and God divinely override and show His favor on all our behaves. Hugs and love, Judy.

  13. Thankyou, I’ve been having a rough time this month with my wife having quadruple by pass, and trying to keep up with everything, things have been rough financially. I was thinking about going to one of pay day loans to get my checking account back in the black. I prayed for God’s help and guidance on what to do. I just happened to come across your page and message. I know it’s gonna be ok, Thankyou

  14. Thank for this wonderful message and for this incredible site – I have just discovered it and love it so thank you very much! xx

  15. The truths you share and your words of comfort and encouragement are so soothing to me because I struggle with anxiety. I’m SO grateful to God because He is using your website to finally teach me how to be free in my own mind. God bless you. 😊

  16. Thank you for the message I have been worrying for over 2 years about a court date I have coming up on March 3rd I picked up some clothes that was donated and left out in front of CHKD I feel so ashamed now for doing it I just had gotten out of jail and needed some help but did not realize that taking some clothes that somebody had given to them would land me in jail but it did. I already did two months in jail for the crime and now I am facing a probation violation I pray to the Lord that the judge sees that I have been doing the right thing other than what I have done there I work almost 7 days a week just to keep this off of my mind I have work so hard to get my life straight and almost there besides this lingering over my head it has worried me sick day after day night after night and I can’t wait till the day is over one way or another because it has taken a toll on me financially and health-wise so I pray to the Lord that on that day that he looks over me and see that I have done the right thing since then and have changed my whole life because of this I pray to Lord if you could please look over me on that day and help the judge make the right decision for me in Jesus name I pray amen amen and amen. Love you Lord Jesus Christ

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