Pray With Your Actions

Pray With Your Actions

How do you pray?

For many of us, the act of going to God in prayer involves closing our eyes, clasping our hands together, submitting ourselves to God and then . . . we start talking. We start telling God what we want, what we’re grateful for, what we’re struggling with, what we need help with.

Sometimes these prayers last a few minutes, among loved ones. During church, we all seem to know that one pastor or deacon who can pray the hinges off the doors. One who can pour so much emotion and passion into a prayer that it moves you and the entire congregation.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of prayers. It’s what comes after the prayer that is the problem for many of us.

Too often, after we rise off our knees, open our eyes – or dry them, as the case may be – we compose ourselves and go about business as usual. We expect God to change our situations to fit our desires, but when it’s time for US to change, we are reluctant if not resistant.

We’ve all heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” It resonates with us because people can easily say one thing and do another. But how often do you apply this concept to your prayers?

Is it possible to pray with your actions? Does God respond more to this type of prayer? And what exactly would it look like? My mind jumps immediately to Matthew 14: 22-32. The “Get Out of the Boat” episode, that is. Peter and the rest of the disciples were out at sea, but the water was choppy and the winds were rocking the boat.

I’ve been aboard a small boat in this situation before. There’s a LOT of praying that happens – before, during and after you finish vomiting. You are begging and pleading to God to get you back to shore safely, promising you’ll NEVER do this again. That was Peter. But all that praying didn’t settle the sea down one bit.

“Get out of the boat,” Jesus beckoned. “Come here.”

Reluctantly, Peter took a step – he put his prayer into action. For a split-second, his belief and his actions were lined up, and that’s when he stood up on water. Once his doubt crept in, Jesus shook his head, rescued him and scolded him. “Why did you doubt?”

It’s easy to say your word prayer. That’s the easy part. The hard part is ACTING on what you are praying for. It is called walking in faith, and yet it is absolutely imperative that we back up our word prayers with faithful and focused action. Otherwise, our prayers are empty, hollow and weak.

So what does praying with your actions look like?

  • If you are praying for good health, praying with your actions would include exercising, eating healthful foods and dropping unhealthy habits like smoking.
  • If you need a financial blessing, praying with your actions would include setting and following a budget, saving money, avoiding debt and investing wisely.
  • To improve the quality of your relationships, praying with your actions would include not being easily offended or angered, being forgiving, empathizing with others and being generous and grateful for your loved ones.
  • In areas of work and career, praying with your actions would include studying and working to improve your skills, being excellent, enthusiastic, service-minded and genuinely happy with your work.
  • If you are praying for a solution to a problem, praying with your actions would include asking God to reveal the necessary steps and then to begin taking them. It involves working not just for the solution of your own problem, but seeking to help others solve their problems as well, for we are all connected. Indeed, in showing others that God can solve their problems, it reinforces your own faith that God will solve yours.
  • If you are praying for peace in your communities, praying with your actions would mean demonstrating unconditional love for your neighbors – volunteering to help the homeless, mentoring children and youth, caring for the sick and elderly, providing food and shelter for those in need.

By all means, continue to put words to your prayer. Fill them with passion, love, hope and life. Pour everything you’ve got into them, so that God can work with it. I believe that what you hold back from God you also hold back from yourself.

As you use these simple tools to empower your prayers, you will move away from thinking of prayer as a single event. It will become something you do continuously, with each passing breath. Your ears will become tuned to God’s frequency, and you will hear God’s guidance in the moment, pointing you in the direction of God’s will for your life.

Prayer will no longer be something you DO.

Prayer will become what you ARE.

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4 thoughts on “Pray With Your Actions

  1. Should you ask God for advice you should take the advice as God will never see anyone wrong
    Ask and ye shall recieve: seek and ye shall find. Whether you respond back depends on whether you trust in him.

  2. How do you know where God leading you…? How does one know what decisions to make when one has done all in their power to help a situation..? How do I know which way God wants me to go…it’s not clear…and this troubles my spirit!

  3. What do you do when God doesn’t answer you AT all on anything you wish to make clear and get answers on? Has he turned his back ? Especially when you have done all you could to put him first, to be what you thought was obedient and you pray and pray but there’s no answer?

    1. Hi Nikki . . .

      I genuinely believe that God speaks to us every moment of every day. Maybe we’re looking for a bush to catch fire or the clouds to part, but I’ve found that often the guidance comes in the small, mundane details of life. It may not be “THOU SHALT DO THIS!” It’s more likely to be you driving down the street, and your intuition says “take a left.” I think the goal is to learn to trust God with our day-to-day, moment-to-moment decisions. And I think that whatever you do, whatever you’re seeking clarity on, simply meet the day with love in your heart. Pray for and forgive those who may be working against you. Try to bring some light and love into the world. Look for God in every single person, place or thing you come across.

      If you haven’t yet, read the full text of “A Message From God.” Click on “Read It NOW” to access it on your computer, phone or via PDF. I believe you may find some clarity in it!

      God bless!


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