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Recently, I reconnected with an “old friend” named Mark Gilbert. There’s a neat story behind that “old friend” line, but that’s for another time. Anyway, suffice to say that like minds of a feather think great alike (um, WHAT?). Mark has launched his own spiritually themed site called Conscious Bridge. I’m looking forward to adding him to our site here, but why wait? Go check out:

The Umpteenth Secret of “The Secret”: Align Your Rider and Elephant | Conscious Bridge.

As for my take on “The Secret:” The Law of Attraction DOES indeed work. You DO attract into your life the things that you think about. The trick is to KNOW what you’re thinking about. The conscious mind is made up of the thoughts you KNOW you’re thinking. Your subconscious mind are the thoughts you’re not paying attention to, and consequently where the REAL action is. It’s the background noise of your mind.

If you’ve ever had a clothes dryer or air conditioner running for several minutes but didn’t really notice it until it stopped, it’s the same concept. You were always hearing the noise, and consequently affected by it; yet you may not have been paying attention to it.

You can say an affirmation: “I am prosperous!” with all your mind for 100 times a day. Not a bad practice. But for some of us, there’s a little voice that pipes up: “No you’re not. Look at your wallet. You know you don’t have the money to pay that bill. And the reason you can’t prosper is because you’re not good enough. You don’t deserve it. . . .” And so on. In a sad way, that affirmation ends up undermining you, without getting your subconscious mind — your FEELINGS — on board.

So when you say your prosperity (or any other) affirmations, it’s important to FEEL prosperous — or attractive, loving, peaceful, etc. Mark writes beautifully about aligning your “rider” (conscious mind) with your “elephant” (feelings). Once you get those two things on the same page, THAT’S when you’ll start to see the miracles in your life.

In fact, Mark writes beautifully about a lot of things. Glad he’ll be contributing here at “A Message From God!”


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