Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back

For the past month or so I’ve studied a different woman in the bible.  This past week I studied the story of Lot’s wife.  Her story teaches a very important lesson:  don’t look back.  It certainly wasn’t my first encounter with this story.  Like many of you, I’ve heard this story many times.  I’ve always wondered why she was simply known as “Lot’s wife”, as if she didn’t have her own name, her own identity, her own sense of purpose.  This week though I took the time to realize that would the lesson that her story teaches be any different if she had her own name, if she was known by something other than “Lot’s wife”?  Simply put, no, it wouldn’t.  

For those that may be unfamiliar or need a refresher with the story, it can be found in Genesis 18 and 19.  Lot and his wife opened up their home to strangers that turned out to be angels.  While visiting, men in the town attempted to overtake Lot’s home to get to the strangers.  Lot, a gracious host, protected his guests from the men.  Unbeknownst to Lot, the angels came to save him and his family from the destruction that would occur in the sinful city of Sodom.  Lot was instructed to take his wife, his daughters and his son-in-laws and flee Sodom.  Immediate destruction was set to take place.  Lot was given another set of instructions before his departure from the sin filled city:  flee, don’t stop, don’t look back.

Now, in my mind, one would think that if you’re being told that the sin filled city that you know you’re living in is going to be destroyed and that everyone and everything that’s left behind will be destroyed with it, you’d be grateful for this solid heads-up.  They were given clear, concise and simple instructions.  Flee.  Don’t stop.  Don’t look back.  Nothing is hard to understand or comprehend there. Yet, Lot’s son-in-laws didn’t make the trip, and Lot’s wife looked back.  I put my “robe of judgment” on and concluded that the son-in-laws got what they deserved for not fleeing (certainly no one made me judge or jury).  Lot told them the city would be destroyed, but they didn’t believe him.  So, no better for ’em.  Hmmph.  However, with the wife, nobody said what would happen if you looked back or stopped. So, maybe I could see her getting caught up.  I mean, as somebody that likes to know what’s going on, I can see getting caught up in looking back.  I mean, after all, she fled.  She was just curious and looked back.  She got it half right.  I actually wholeheartedly believe she intended to keep going; she just wanted to take that final look back.  But why?

I could identify with Lot’s wife.  If you’re honest, you likely can identify with her too.  What is your Sodom?  What has God told you to flee from?  Maybe He’s told you to flee from a bad relationship. Maybe He’s told you to flee from a job or career that no longer fulfills you.  Maybe He’s told you to flee from your comfort zone.  Maybe He’s told you to flee from your current lifestyle.  Maybe He’s told you to flee from the mistakes of your past that have you bound.  Maybe He’s simply told you to flee from home like he did Lot and his family.  But, you’ve got other stipulations:  don’t stop and don’t look back. Curiosity makes you look back.  Fear of leaving the familiar, no matter how bad it is, makes you look back.  Fear of moving on, even when you know what’s ahead isn’t likely as bad as what’s behind, makes you look back.  I get it.  I get looking back.  However, there’s a story to be learned from Lot’s wife.  She doesn’t need a name.  Giving her a name could actually take from your ability to identify with her.  If you’re unable to identify with her, you may not be able to see the dangers of stopping and looking back at the situations that you’ve been called out of.  Lot’s wife was turned to salt right at the point she looked back.  She got stuck at the point that she looked back.  She didn’t get to move on to something better because she got caught up in looking back at what once was.  She didn’t get to move on to the promise because she needed a last glimpse of the familiar.  Sadly, so do many of us.  Men, women, boys and girls can all learn from Lot’s wife.  When you’re called out of your Sodom, flee, don’t stop, don’t look back!

Lord I pray that you prepare a promise for each of us.  I pray that you prepare each of us for the promise.  I pray that when the time is right, that you call us forth to that promise.  Let us have the faith to trust that what’s ahead is better than what’s behind.  Let us have the faith to trust the plan that you have for us, even when we don’t know what it is.  You plan is always to prosper and not harm us; your plan is to give us hope and a future.  Give us a sense of peace when you get ready to move us. Remove anxieties, fears, doubts and curiosities that might make us look back and miss what you have for us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.
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7 thoughts on “Don't Look Back

  1. Thank you so much for this message… I most defiantly can identify with Lot’s wife… I do have a Sodom.. I am asking for prayer

    1. Theresa I am praying with you that you can step away from your Sodom. I pray that whatever strongholds are keeping you bound to your Sodom be blessed. I bind up unhealthy relationships, ungodly situations, unpleasant thoughts. I pray that anything that is keeping you from God’s plan for your life be removed. I ask God to give you strength to walk into your season without fear, trepidation or regret. May you trust that God is intentional in your life, and that He wants nothing but the best for you. The Word says He has plans to prosper and not harm. May you trust in His plan for you. Amen.

  2. This was a very good message, however God himself some times puts some thing’s on our minds in order to clarify some thing’s we seek Him about things that have happened in our lives that confused us. Even when we prayed about it in the beginning. In order to for you to understand. Not that the clarity brings regret that is not the purpose never. But in order for you to get what is going on He will bring some things to your remembrance. We don’t have to beat ourselves us as in the OT when they died without mercy. This is what happened to Lot’s wife and her sons. It was written in the Law that they if they walked in disobedience they would die without mercy. In these last days we can repent and ask for forgiveness confess our faults to one another and He is faithful and just to forgive us. He forgives us this is something I always believe because it is truth. But our forgiveness is also determined by how much we forgive each other. I had a recent situation where I needed clarity not that I was reminiscing I had even forgotten about something until the Lord brought it back to my remembrance. I know it was Him because He also brought me clarity. I’m not saying the clarity made the situation ok I’m saying it made the confusion subside. Now I have to re determine where God wants me at in the whole thing. The way I think is that If I act early on what I think it is He wants me to act on I will not be confused and will never be in doubt but that is not always true or the case and goes to prove that all of our faith has to be in God. And is teaching me how to trust in Him more and more. So regardless of the outcome I don’t want to ever regret not acting on Gods plans not that I need the thing so bad I cant live without it type deal but so that the enemy can no longer play with my mind when I know I’ve done all that He’s called me to do.

    Please pray for me, I need to know where I’m suppose to be whether where I am or in another place. I feel He has given me several projects to work on I need the right people to come along and to help with these projects. It is not that I need money from them but I need their time and commitment and most importantly like-mindedness to finish these projects. I’m also asking for strength to complete them and to not other worries and distractions to stop me from doing what He has called me to do. I would love the will power to act and move as he calls me to do. Even if it is something I don’t want to hear or if He tells me to move from a relationship or a place I would like a clear vision on what He tells me to do and then prepare me for His answer and the results of what ever His will is. To God be the glory. I would just like to move on with my life. God bless all who reads this and pray for me and with me.

    1. Annette I am praying with you that God shows you the way in which He wants you to go. I pray that you seek Him in all you do, no matter how big or how small. May you expect what you’re praying for. May you believe what you’re praying for. May you trust that anything and everything that you experience and go through is a part of God’s plan for you. I ask God to speak to your heart so that you might know what He would have your hands to. I pray that you have a willing heart and mind to step out of your comfort zone. May you have unmerited favor beyond what your mind can fathom. Amen.

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