Dont worry -- Were all in Gods Hands.

If it seems like the past seven days in the world have been more troubled than usual, it’s probably because it has been.

Just read, look at or listen to the news media. Nuclear weapons testing in Iran. Earthquakes in the Philippines and in Indonesia. A tsumami in the American Samoan Islands. A steady increase in reported cases of both the seasonal and “swine” flu. Not to mention the “usuals”: assaults, robberies, murders, plant closings, etc.

Dwelling on such things can understandably make even a person of great faith feel overwhelmed by feelings of sorrow and despair.

But amidst all the negative realities, a ray of hope remains. God is still in control and He is handling everything great and small that is going on.

By “handling,” I mean that God is bringing something good from everything that feels and seems bad right now. I’ll be the first to admit that often we finite human beings can’t always grasp the “big picture”. Yet faith tells us that though life can be hard, God is good and God is faithful.

I was reminded of that precious truth this week while at work. A situation arose wherein my professional skills and competence were not-so-subtly being questioned and atatcked. Rather than defend myself, I held my peace and trusted in the Lord as He instructs us in the Scriptures to do in times such as this. In no time at all, without any help from me, I was vindicated and affirmed by my fellow colleagues. In other words, God “handled” it.

Whatever trial or tribulation you are facing, no matter great or small, rest in the precious presence and promises of God. In His own distinct way, He’ll assure you that without a doubt the problem is being handled.

No doubt.

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