We’re in Good Hands

In the midst of the ongoing “discussion” about the passage of President Obama’s health care reform bill, much ado has been made abou who should determine the American public’s well-being. Should it be the federal government working to ensure ALL people have access to basic health care at affordable costs? Or should it have remained in the hands of the greedy insurance companies whose only interests is in making a profit?
The REAL question boils down to who/what do we trust?
The answer varies from individual to individual and is based on a combination of factors (political ideologies, religion, education, economic class, ethnicity, etc.).
Well, as the pitchman for All State says, “You’re in good hands”. Regardless of what your beliefs may or may not be. Or your income, social status, geographic location, age, disability or any other consideration you may wish to mention.
We’re in good hands because the One who controls ALL things is GOOD. And ALL things work for GOOD for those who trust in HIM.
So, have a little faith. It’s ALL GOOD!!

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