A Multifaith Conversation (Part 1)

A Multifaith Conversation (Part 1)

As The Author says in “A Message From God” in the chapter entitled “Which Religion? Which Holy Book?”, religion is best used as a tool to develop a relationship with God. Furthermore, just as it would be counterproductive to use a single tool to build a house, it can also be counterproductive to study a single religion to develop a relationship with God. There are things that Christians can learn from Muslims, things Muslims can learn from Jews, and things all three can learn from Hindus.

Thus, I proudly introduce this 5-part video series: Beyond The Headlines: An Interfaith Dialogue at American University, hosted by a new friend, multimedia journalist Imran Siddiqui (check out his site: www.globalcrossover.com). I simply love the idea of bringing together a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Unitarian. The objective is simple: looking for a common ground.

In Part 1:  A Jewish woman explains the traditional holiday of Yom Kippur, and a comparison between Yom Kippur and the Muslim celebration of Ramadan as a time of fasting and introspection, and whether fasting is practiced in the Hindu faith.

I’ll be posting this video in five segments, however if you’d like to view the whole thing at once, click below:

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