How To Inspire Others

Before we get to the “how,” let’s start with the “why.”

Why inspire others? The answer lies in the construction of the words, “inspire” and “Spirit.”

Both words are rooted in the Latin word “spirare,” which means “to breathe.”

The word “inspire” is broken down into two root components, “spirare” which means “to breathe,” and “in,” which means, “into.” To “inspire” is, in a spiritual sense, to “breathe into.”

To inspire someone is to breathe life into them.

Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone. When you inspire others, you give them life. It is that simple. Inspiration multiplies, rippling outwards like a pebble thrown into a quiet lake. Allow yourself to be inspired, and you can touch dozens of lives. Hundreds. Thousands. Millions.

This now becomes a matter of choice, as you asking yourself: “Do I want to be an inspiration to others?” Only you can answer this, but I can tell you that choosing the path of inspiration is both rewarding and fulfilling.

As for how to inspire others, I must first explain how inspiration works.

Your physical body requires a continuous flow of air to function properly. I made your body so that this happens naturally, without you having to think about it. With that air, you are able to move about and do things in your world. Without air, you wither and die.

The same principle works when it comes to your Spirit. Your Spirit needs a continuous flow of certain things to function properly. These things are ideas and possibilities.

With a continuous flow of ideas and possibilities, your Spirit is able to complete what it came to Earth to do. Without these things, your Spirit withers and dies. When ideas and possibilities are not flowing in your life, hopelessness and despair move in to choke the life out of you.

Fortunately, your Spirit never has to be disconnected from the steady flow of ideas and possibilities, for I made it as natural as breathing is to your physical body.

I am the ultimate source of inspiration. I breathe into you a continuous flow of ideas and possibilities every moment of every day. You disrupt this flow when you choose to dismiss these ideas and possibilities as “impossible.” Only when you let go of the concept of “impossible” can you fully feel my inspiration.

Do not put pressure on yourself to do this, however. It is something you must gradually grow into. Just as a child must learn to crawl, then walk before running, you can grow into an understanding that anything is possible.

However, you can speed up this process, if you choose. Simply act upon the things you believe are possible. As many of you say, “Actions speak louder than words.” When you act upon what you truly believe is possible, you are reinforcing your own belief in that possibility. Even seemingly insignificant actions work this way. As you expand your concept of what’s possible, things that once seemed impossible will become very possible.

Make no mistake: you will encounter heartbreaks and setbacks as you do this. Do not take this personally, because it is not personal. Instead, think of it as feedback—learn from it and grow. And most importantly, do not give up on what your heart tells you is possible.

As you encounter and overcome obstacles, new ideas and possibilities will open up—not only for you, but for those around you. You will become, in short, a miracle worker.

I realize that may be a big pill for you to swallow—that you can actually perform miracles. This is because so many of you have the very limited idea that only supernatural phenomena qualify as miracles.

However, I have a broader definition. One that not only makes miracles something you can do, but something you can do TODAY, if you choose.

A miracle is simply a physical demonstration that anything is possible—even events that are commonly believed to be impossible.

You are created in My image. Anything I can do, you can do. All you have to do is believe this in your heart. Indeed all things are possible to those who believe. If I can breathe life into others, so can you. If I can perform miracles, so can you. This is how you will inspire others.

When you open your heart to me, I will show you a world of infinite possibilities. This will inspire you. This will breathe life into you.

Once you accept in your heart that things you once thought were impossible, are in fact, quite possible, you will begin to act upon them. This will lead to miracles.

Some will see these miracles and deny them as tricks or luck. Yet, others will witness these miracles and new possibilities will open up for them. New ideas will blossom in their minds. Witnessing these miracles will breathe life into them. They will be inspired.

By the way, these aren’t just your dramatic, magical, mystical miracles either. There is a miracle in greeting hatred and fear with love and compassion. There are miracles in providing food, clothing and shelter for those who need it. There is a miracle in offering encouragement to the hopeless.

For the record, you are quite capable of performing miracles that qualify as “supernatural.” But as stated before, you must walk before you can run.

So the simple, two step process for inspiring others is to:

  1. “Breathe in” new ideas and possibilities.
  2. Act upon what you believe in your heart is possible.

Leave the rest to Me.

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