About This Message

I am sending you this message now, because so many of you are living in fear and confusion unnecessarily.

Much of that fear comes from confusion about Who I Am, and why things happen. I never intended for having a relationship with Me to be as difficult or complicated as many of you have made it. In fact, it is neither difficult nor complicated.

However, to receive this message, it would be wise to put down some of your existing thoughts about Who I Am and how I’ve set things up. In other words, stop telling yourself that you already know all there is to know about Me. This closes your mind off to all the other things I want to show you about Me.

I cannot operate inside a closed mind. Therefore, if truly want to know me, you must open your mind. You cannot rule out any possibilities. Any time you rule out possibilities, you limit my ability to do wonders in your life.

If you truly want to develop your relationship with Me, it would also be wise to humble yourself. Arrogance and pride block your direct experience of Me, because your focus is on you instead of Me. Humility brings you closer to Me.

I do not require you to agree with this message. I offer it to you as guidance, and you are free to accept or reject any or all of it. As I will explain later, I have given each of you a direct line of communication with Me. This message is simply a tool for you to become aware of that connection.

If there are ideas expressed here that you do not understand at first, do not panic or worry. As in the rest of life, some things you pick up instantly; others take a while to soak in. Trust Me — if, in your heart, you truly yearn to know Me and you are openhearted, I will reveal myself to you.

There may come a point in this message (in fact, in life) where one idea seems to oppose another one. This happens because you are used to looking at things in an “either-or” way — either it’s this way or it’s that way.

However, all things come from Me. All things ARE Me. So when two or more ideas seem to contradict each other, look deeper. On a deeper level, these things — all things — are a part of a much larger whole. Namely, Me.

This message will also remind you of who I created you to be. When you truly understand Who You Are, you will become a vessel for love, peace and healing in the world. Indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven will be among you.

This message is intended to touch your heart, heal your spirit and soothe your soul. You have cried out for a Word from Me, and I shall give it to you.

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