Guidelines For Using Free Will

I don’t punish you for ignoring my will. Indeed, I was the one who made it possible for you to disobey me. If I limited your choices in any way, it wouldn’t be free will, now would it?

But to be certain, there are consequences to your choices. Some you will like. Others you won’t. Some you will be able to predict. Others you won’t. This is the wonder of life on Earth.

However, the key to using your free will to create your life lies in the moment-to-moment choices you make — specifically, what you choose to believe about yourself.

Many of you choose to believe you are separate from each other, separate from nature, separate from Earth — and finally, separate from Me. That belief is what has many of you take action against each other, against nature, against Earth and against Me. It is quite literally a “me against the world” mentality.

You are perfectly free to choose this mindset. But the world is a big place and this way of thinking requires a lot of energy and is extremely draining. Not to mention that there is a much easier, more enjoyable approach to take.

You may also choose to believe that you are one with each other, one with nature, one with Earth — and finally, one with Me. This belief will lead you to take action on behalf of each other, nature, Earth and Me. Quite simply, you will realize that you are acting in your own best interests, because you are one with everything.

If you choose this mindset, you will find yourself working with the natural order of the universe, instead of against it. And you will be kind, generous, peaceful and loving for you will be tuned into the Inner Truth I have written upon your heart.

Your world is layered with choices. However, if you want to get to the root of your free will, you will be mindful of how you choose to look at your world, how you choose to view each other and how you choose to view Me. As usual, your actions will naturally flow out your thoughts, so choose wisely.

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