How To Know When I Am Talking To You

The words you are reading are just that — words. Words, as versatile as they are, are like anything else in your world. They can be misused, misunderstood and mistaken. They can be used to mislead, mistreat and manipulate. It depends upon the intention of the user.

Therefore, because I never wanted there to be any confusion between you and I, I have given each one of you a direct line of communication with Me — one that cannot be tampered with, nor misunderstood, nor confused with anyone or anything else. For I have written The Truth on your heart.

You will hear my voice in your heart.

Whenever something in your human experience — a baby’s smile, a sermon, the sound of raindrops on your window, this message — whenever your experience matches up with The Truth I have written on your heart, your heart will know that it came from Me, and you will have NO doubts about it.

That is how you will know when I am talking to you. You will feel it in your heart.

However, listening to Me is a skill like any other; it takes commitment, focus and practice. But I am patient, and I will teach you how to listen to Me.

So as you read these words, some of them will align with your Inner Truth. Some will not. I do not require you to agree with Me — that is why I gave you free will.

However, your life will run much smoother if you choose to agree with the Inner Truth I have put upon your heart.

That said, I suggest you pay attention to your heart as you read this. What I have written there will guide you. Simply use what serves you and discard what doesn’t.

As I have said elsewhere in this message, you may want to keep an open mind. The surest way to miss what I am telling you is to assume that you already know what I’m going to say.

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