My Will For You

Many of you want to know “the whys” of me, life and the universe.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Why do I allow catastrophes to occur – natural or man-made?

Why don’t I come back and fix what’s wrong with Earth?

These are all very good questions, as well as the unasked questions in your heart right now. One of the reasons why these questions trouble you so is based on a misunderstanding about what “God’s Will” is. Let’s clear that up right now, shall we?

My Will is that you have Free Will.

Many of you believe that I have a desire to see specific things occur. This is what many of you call “God’s Will.” Similarly, many of you believe that there are things I disapprove of, and therefore will punish you for defying “God’s Will.”

Yet, if I am all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present, as many of you believe I am, it would be impossible for any of you to defy “my will.” For if I am all-powerful, could I not just make you do what I want you to do?

Stay with me here. We are very close to a fundamental truth of the universe: understanding My Will. Quite simply, it is this:

God’s Will is that you have Free Will. That you have a choice.

That’s it.

I created a vast, complex, intricate and responsive system of cause-and-effect. It is not a difficult system to use, however. But you should be attentive and intentional about how you use it, or you will come up with undesirable or unpleasant results.

Using this system is as simple as asking yourself this question:

“What am I choosing to be in this moment?”

You are always asking and answering this question, though you may not be aware of it. Therefore, the key to mastering your life is awareness, followed by conscious choice.

Be aware of this moment. Then choose what you want to be from that awareness.

In the face of crisis, you can consciously choose to be calm.

In the face of hatred, you can consciously choose to be loving.

In the face of chaos, you can consciously choose to be peaceful.

In the face of death, you can consciously choose to affirm life.

In the face of catastrophe, you can consciously choose to see order.

Do you see the pattern here? In the face of any event, you can consciously choose your response!

This takes practice. Lots of it. But it gets easier the more that you do it, and you’ll have to continuously practice if you want to maintain proficiency.

By the way, “maintaining proficiency” is also a choice. See how this works?

When those choices align with the Truth I have written on your heart, you will know love and peace that passes all understanding. You will not be swayed by what happens in the physical world. You will become a channel of My Will for humanity.

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