Uncovering Your Purpose

I will speak to you directly through your heart, so that we can talk and decide how to go about your purpose. However, there are some things you can do to “warm up” your heart, so you can hear Me more clearly. The simplest and most direct way to warm up your heart is to serve.

Understand this: regardless of your religion, race, creed, ethnic background or any other distinctions you have constructed to separate yourselves from each other, you are a part of something larger than yourself.

That’s a very important point, so I will repeat it: You are a part of something larger than yourself.

You are a part of a family and/or a marriage. A religious organization and/or a company. A town, city, state, nation, world or the universe. And of course, YOU are a part of ME.

The point here is that there is something larger than yourself that, through your actions, you either build up or tear down.

So whenever you tear down that which is larger than you, you are literally tearing down yourself. You are doing damage to your heart. Now, your heart is extremely resilient, but if it is subjected to constant damage, it closes itself off, and can grow cold and numb. You won’t be able to feel anything and you will be dead inside, even if your body is working just fine.

You cannot receive my messages with a closed heart.

But, on the other hand, when you reach out to support and strengthen that which is larger than you, you support and strengthen yourself. You begin to heal your heart. And most importantly, you begin to “warm up” your heart with feelings of love, peace and joy. Since I AM infinite love, peace and joy, whenever you have those feelings, you have allowed Me into your heart.

You can hear Me best when your heart is open and warm.

So, the object is to warm your heart. The simplest and most direct way to warm your heart is to serve that which is larger than you.

I do not care what you choose to identify as the larger body you will serve. It may be your spouse or your family. It may be your neighborhood or the poor. It may be animals or the environment. Or it may be all of humanity. Of course, it could be Me. But ultimately, the act of service itself is more important than who you do it for.

You are virtually unlimited in whom you can help and how you can help them. But if you are ever at a loss for how you can serve, remember that all of you have basic needs: food, water, shelter, clothing. Many of my greatest servants have touched many lives by helping others meet these basic needs. And in doing so, they have reacquainted themselves with their own hearts.

While many of you give to charities financially, I challenge you to make your giving personal. If you are giving food to the poor, cook it for them or serve it to them. If you are clothing others, deliver it yourself. If you are helping to provide shelter, hammer a nail, or help the occupant move in.

When you perform your service at a distance, you are missing out on the greatest reward — experiencing up close how your actions impact others, no matter how trivial those actions may seem to you.

With an open and warm heart, reach out and touch the heart of humanity. In the process, you will touch your own heart, and your purpose in life will quickly snap into focus.

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