What To Call Me

Many of you have a distorted view of Who I Am. This leads to a distorted view of yourself, and finally a distorted and dysfunctional relationship with Me.

We’re going to clear all that up right now.

I do not care about what you choose to call Me. Some of you call Me Allah. Others, Yahweh. Some call Me Jehovah. And to many of you I am God.

But know this: Your name for Me and words about Me cannot change What I Am or my nature, any more than what you call water or say about it can change what it is or its very nature. So why would I possibly be offended by your words?

The reason you should carefully choose your words (and thoughts) about Me is because your opinion of Me is the seed from which our relationship will grow. What you say about Me doesn’t change Me, but it DOES shape your experience of Me.

If you believe that I am an angry, vengeful God, you will resent Me instead of love Me, because resentment is the product of anger and vengeance. How can we have a good relationship if you resent Me?

If you believe that I am unforgiving and demanding, you will feel like you are not good enough and you will live in constant fear of Me. How can you truly love Me if you are afraid of Me?

But what happens if you believe that I AM Love, that I AM forgiving, that I AM patient and kind and generous? If you open yourself to this Truth in your heart, then there is no room in our relationship for resentment or anger or revenge. There is no room for feelings of inferiority or inadequacy or fear.

NOW, we can have a good relationship.

I tell you this: Your relationship with Me should never, EVER, under any circumstances, leave you feeling weak, powerless or afraid. Certainly, events in your life may make you feel this way, but your relationship with me should not. If you do have these feelings, all you have to do is tune back into the Truth I have written on your heart.

Beware of those who would have you wallow in powerlessness, fear and misery in my name. Regardless of their intentions, they are misleading you.

Like any true friend or loved one, I am here to build you up, to empower you and to remove your fear. Anyone who tells you differently either doesn’t really know Me or is lying.

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