Where To Find Me

I am always with you.

You never need to be lost. I am always with you. If you make the conscious choice to look for Me, rest assured that you will find Me. This is because I am everywhere. Literally.

I am the air you breathe.

I am the water you drink.

I am the food that you eat.

I am the thought you think.

I am the tree that gives you shade.

I am the leaf that falls from that tree.

I am the ground you walk on.

And most importantly, I AM YOU.

There is nowhere you can go where you will be separate from Me, because I live INSIDE you. You are made from ME.

You are a drop of water in my ocean. Where does that drop begin? Where does it end?

You are NOT separate from Me. You never were. You only think you are. The fact that you forget this from time to time does not change its truthfulness.

And the sooner you remember this — the sooner you remember Who You Are — the faster your life will begin to transform in phenomenal ways.

A good way to look at your life, particularly in difficult or trying times, is to remind yourself that God is present in the situation. Then look for Me. I am certainly right there with you, at all times.

Seek Me, and you will find Me. I guarantee it.

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